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The Blossoming Sun is a digital marketing studio that focuses on crafting cohesive brands online. I take a holistic approach to create digital marketing strategies customized to your business. Your lifestyle, business goals, skill levels, and many more factors impact your online presence and I take these into consideration to create a strategy that is efficient and sustainable.

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I’m Maya, the founder of The Blossoming Sun, a boutique digital marketing studio. With my extensive education in political science and social science, coupled with my experience as a full-time micro-influencer, I bring a unique blend of academic insight and real-world experience to every digital marketing strategy. I focus on crafting a digital marketing strategy that is tailored to your business. 
My goal is to equip you with the strategy you need to successfully accomplish your goals online.

I created The Blossoming Sun to create digital solutions for creative business owners who want to further their business and see real results.

Being a creative doesn't mean you have to struggle! It is my mission to optimize your brand's cohesiveness, elevate your digital presence, and increase conversions, so that you can start making the income you need. 

 If you're ready to fall in love with your branding, website, and digital presence, let's chat!

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Your digital marketing strategy is incredibly important in the digital age. This service is all about giving you the blueprints to know exactly what to do on social media.

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Your website and social media are extremely inmportant to your brand. This service is about creating a sustainable digital marketing strategy and customizing a website template that is tailored to your businees

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 DIGITAL MARKETING strategy + Template Customization

Everything you need to upgrade your social media strategy. This freebie includes:

  • Social Media Strategy Guide (Step by Step How to DIY Your Social Media Strategy)
  • 20 Content Ideas for Service Providers
  • 40 Content Pillar Ideas
  • Social Media Planner (digital or printable)

So much value jam packed in this one PDF! 

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